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Workshops committee

  • Erin Ueffing  (Campbell and Cochrane Equity Methods Group)

  • Julian Higgins (Methods Groups Representative on the Steering Group)

  • Gail Higgins  (TSC Executive)

  • Liliana Coco (Multiple Sclerosis CRG)

  • Toby Lasserson (Editorial Unit)

  • Rob Scholten (Diagnostic Test Accuracy Working Group)

  • Joseph Beyene (Statistics Methods Group)

  • Sophie Hill (Consumers and Communication CRG)

  • Jimmy Volmink (Supporting Translation of Evidence into Policy and Practice)

  • Sreekumaran Nair (Co-ordinator DC Field)

  • Ludovic Reveiz (Andean Branch of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre)

  • Jesús López Alcalde (Agencia Laín Entralgo- Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre)

  • Sally Hopewell (UK Cochrane Centre)

  • Javier Zamora (Hospital Ramon y Cajal - Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre)


  • Marta Roqué (Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre)

  • Miranda Cumpstom (Australasian Cochrane Centre)