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Pre- and post- Colloquium events


Monday 17 Oct

09:00-17:00h Meeting: ‘Communicate to vaccinate’ project (Closed. Agencia Laín Entralgo, Room 3.1)


Tuesday 18 Oct

09:00-13:00h Workshop: Replication and biases in molecular research (SAT01. Hospital de Sant Pau (Barcelona))

09:00-17:00h Workshop: ‘Summary of findings’ table and assessment of quality of evidence (GRADE) (SAT03. Agencia Laín Entralgo, Aula Magna)

16:00-20:00h  The Methods Symposium  (SAT04. Aula Pittaluga, Escuela Nacional de Sanidad. ISCIII)


Wednesday 19 Oct

09:00-13:30h Workshop: Making sense of scientific evidence and commenting on a Cochrane Review: A dual language workshop for consumers
(WS52. Palacio de Congresos, Room 9)

09:00-13:30h Workshop: From novice to expert to mentor: Increasing participation in the Cochrane Collaboration in low and middle income countries
(SAT09. Palacio de Congresos, MENINA)