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Registration facts

For information on how to register, go here.

Registration fees

The following registration fees will be available:

  • Early registration (on and before 25 July)
660 euros
  • Regular registration (from 26 July)
780 euros
  • Low and middle income countries registration*
400 euros
  • Consumer registration**
400 euros
  • Day registration
200 euros
  • 2-days registration
400 euros
  • On-site registration
900 euros

* For residents of low, lower-middle and upper-middle income economies as defined by the World Bank.
** A consumer is defined as someone whose primary role is a health consumer or health consumer advocate and is not a healthcare professional.

Onsite booking of full and day registration at the Colloquium venue from 19-22 October 2011 will be subject to availability.

Full registration includes:

  • Participation in all Colloquium sessions
  • Conference materials
  • All refreshments and lunches
  • Welcome Reception on 19 October
  • Farewell Party on 22 October

Day registrations include:

  • Participation in all Colloquium sessions scheduled for the respective day
  • Conference materials
  • Refreshments and lunches on the respective day
  • Welcome Reception (exclusively for the 19 October day registration)
  • Farewell Party (exclusively for the 22 October day registration)

Registration payment
Payment for Colloquium registration can be made by credit card (Visa and Mastercard). If you cannot pay by credit card, you may contact colloquium@cochrane.org.

Colloquium bags and identification badges
Delegates need to check in at the registration desk at the Colloquium venue to collect their bag and identification badge before attending any session. Identification badges are required for admission to all sessions, meals, Welcome Reception and Farewell Party.

Bags and badges will be available for collection at the registration desk at Palacio de Congresos de Madrid at the following times:

  • 19 October: 9:00 to 18:00h
  • 20-22 October: 7:00 to 18:00h

Cancellation & replacement policy
All registration and social programme bookings are binding. For any cancellation on or before 15 September 2011 a cancellation fee of 50 euros will be charged; refunds will be made after the conference. Registration fees will not be refunded for any cancellation received after 15 September 2011.

If you have registered for the Colloquium but discover that you are unable to attend, you may send someone in your place, on payment of an administrative charge of 30 euros. For alterations of any invoiced item the same administrative charge applies. Bank charges for reimbursement and return debit notes are the participant’s responsibility. All statements are required in writing.

A small disclaimer - cancellation or change of location or date of the Colloquium
Where, by reason of any event outside the Conference Organiser's reasonable control (including, without limitation, any strike or other industrial action involving the Conference Organiser's own workforce), the Conference Organiser considers that the Colloquium or any part thereof is prevented from being held in a particular way or location or on a particular date, the Conference Organiser shall be entitled in its absolute discretion to cancel, vary, relocate or change the date of all or any part of the Colloquium.

In such circumstances, the Conference Organiser is not responsible for any loss, damage, liability, expenses, costs or claims incurred by delegates (including, without limitation, any payments made by delegates in respect of registration fees, accommodation or travel arrangements). In the event of the Conference Organiser exercising any of its rights referred to above, delegates shall have no right to any refunds, damages, costs or expenses from the Conference Organiser. Delegates are responsible for taking out any insurance that they consider appropriate, given the Conference Organiser's rights and the circumstances set out above (including, without limitation, medical, travel and personal insurance).

Registration enquiries
If you have any additional questions about registering for the Colloquium or should the online registration fail to work, please contact:

Colloquium Secretariat
Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre
Tel +34 935 537 814 - Fax +34 935 537 809
Email: colloquium@cochrane.org