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EROS: is it the web-based software developed to facilitate the initial phases of a Cochrane systematic review?

Friday 21 October 2011 - 07:30 - 08:55
Room 9
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Contact person: 
Agustín Ciapponi (Contact this person)
Demian Glujovsky (Contact this person)
Meeting details
Intended audience: 
Editors, IMS group, librarians, researchers/authors, Steering Comitee
Closed or open meeting: 
1) to introduce and show how EROS (Early Review Organizing Software) works.
2) to discuss if EROS could be adopted by The Cochrane Collaboration as an additional software to facilitate the initial phases of a Cochrane systematic review
We have already introduced a beta version of EROS to The Cochrane Collaboration in the Colloquium at Keystone 2010. Since then, we found that an increasing number of researchers were interested in the software.
During this year, we started piloting this tool with several researchers of different countries who effectively used this platform for their projects, and we have thus received sensitive feedback. Besides, it has been introduced in several international meetings (i.e. HTAi 2011 and ISPOR 2011) and forums, with wide acceptance and interest.
Now, we have already finished the development of the software, and we believe that it could be adopted by the Cochrane Collaboration to be used in all the Cochrane systematic reviews.

Participants who want to expirience by theirselves EROS features could bring their ownn laptops.