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Diagnostic test accuracy reviews 1: What is a Cochrane diagnostic test accuracy review?

Topic category Diagnostic test accuracy review methods
Date and Location
Jueves 20 Octubre 2011 - 14:00 - 15:30
Methods Group
Methods Group: 
Screening and Diagnostic Tests Methods Group
Contact person
Contact person: 
Mariska Leeflang (Contact this person)
NombreApellidoAffiliation and Country
Affiliation and Country: 
University of Exeter, UK
Affiliation and Country: 
University of Birmingham, UK
Target audience
Target audience: 
Any attendee who has not already had training in doing Cochrane DTA reviews or has been to a similar introductory session at the Colloquium; for those who have received such training this session is likely to cover the specific objectives below in similar or less depth
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Type of workshop
Type of workshop: 
Abstract text
The Cochrane Diagnostic Reviews Methodology Working Group has developed a series of workshops addressing guidelines as formulated in the Handbook for Diagnostic Test Accuracy reviews. This workshop will provide an introduction to the purpose and format of Cochrane diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) reviews, and highlight their novel features.

This workshop will provide an opportunity for those who are not actively contemplating a DTA review to learn more about this type of review, and for those who do know something about them to update their knowledge in line with a number of changes which have occurred in recent years. We will discuss the following points:
-The different types of medical tests that can be studied in a DTA review
-Different ways of using tests, and whether each use fits within the structure of a DTA review
-The nature of review questions on test accuracy with particular emphasis on the need for comparison.
We will guide the audience through a DTA review with particular emphasis on up-to-date features. The format will involve a lecture with up to two small group exercises to reinforce the nature of test accuracy questions and the key features of a DTA review as time permits.