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Using the Community area (formerly Intranet) of cochrane.org

Jueves 20 Octubre 2011 - 07:30 - 08:55
Contact person
Contact person: 
Nancy Owens (Contact this person)
Caroline Mavergames (Contact this person)
Meeting details
Intended audience: 
Anyone in the Collaboration seeking information on how to use the intranet
Closed or open meeting: 
1. Familiarize participants with the organization and contents of the Cochrane Community area of the Cochrane website, and how these relate to work functions.
2. Provide practical information on how to use the Community area to improve quality of contributors’ work and communication.
3. Offer supported hands-on experience in practical use of the Community area.

The Cochrane Web Team has established a Community area on www.cochrane.org for the use of Cochrane contributors. The Community area provides a useful informational resource that, used properly, can be a great asset for improving the quality of work and communication among Cochrane contributors. However, potential users may be daunted by the volume of information and resources available, and discerning the practical application of such information to the daily routine of managing tasks.
This meeting will focus on familiarizing participants with the Community area: how it is organized, what it includes, and how to use it, as well as useful features such as discussion forums, presentation materials, etc. Facilitators will describe changes, features, and updates, and answer questions on the intranet’s structure and content. The session will include a demonstration of how contributors can use the Community area, and a participatory exercise in applying the Community area’s features to everyday tasks of communication and information management.