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C4O1 | National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) CC Programme Grant Scheme - Gynaecological Cancer Review Group

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The Cochrane Gynaecological Cancer Review Group (CGCRG) was awarded an NIHR Cochrane Collaboration Programme Grant in September 2007. The Group decided to use the funds to help support authors preparing systematic reviews on topics of high priority to NHS patients which would also inform the gynaecological oncology community on an international level.

The NHS in the UK has made major improvements in gynaecological cancer care and it is one of the most integrated and multidisciplinary areas in medicine with an active Improving Outcome Guidance Programme. This is important as there are seven tumour sites with multiple complex care pathways. The CGCRG is a highly collaborative multidisciplinary group with an excellent track record in developing teams to prepare reviews. The applicants of the award scheme all have strong links to all major professional and consumer organisations involved in gynaecological cancer.

Improvement of patient care by preparing systematic reviews, which inform national and international guidelines.

After a major prioritisation project, titles were allocated to UK sub-speciality trainees who expressed an interest and demonstrated ability in conducting systematic reviews. The authors worked with experienced Editors as well as with a dedicated methodologist who was employed throughout the grant period. All review authors received training and mentoring and were encouraged to meet regularly with their appointed Editor and methodologist to progress the review throughout the entire process. The editorial base provided support, maintaining communication between the Editors and authors and managed the process of statistical, methodological and external peer review.

Thirty seven reviews and updates were produced in this programme and are being translated by British Gynaecological Cancer Society and Network Site Specialist Groups into guidelines and protocols to improve patient care. The Group has subsequently been awarded a second grant based on the success of this scheme.
Williams C1, Morrison J1, Bryant A1, Quinn G1, Jess C1, Hayes J1
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Gail Quinn
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Gail Quinn (Contact this person)
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Sábado 22 Octubre 2011 - 11:15 - 11:35