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B2O1 | Study selection by means of a web-based Trial Selection DataBase (webTSDB)

Abstract text
The German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) is an independent scientific institute that investigates the benefit and harm of medical interventions for patients. For this purpose IQWiG prepares systematic reviews on the basis of a systematic literature search. To minimize errors, the process of study selection is performed by 2 reviewers independently of each other.

In order to achieve a comprehensible and efficient selection of studies, processes are continuously optimized by the Institute’s Information Management Section in cooperation with other departments. In addition to the establishment of a 3-step screening process aimed at improving external transparency, an MS ACCESS-based database for study selection was programmed and implemented, also prompted by the fact that suitable solutions were not available on the market. In 2009, due to positive experiences with this database, a web-based application was developed together with an external service provider (web-based Trial Selection DataBase, webTSDB).

The advantages of webTSDB are in particular the efficiency and transparency of the procedure, as well as the possibility of simple documentation of the whole process.

General functions and possibilities of webTSDB:
• simultaneous work on the project by reviewers, independent of location
• project-specific deposit of inclusion and exclusion criteria,
• consensus function for citations with inconsistent classification,
• deposit of comments,
• preparation of reports and flow charts,
• linking to full texts, as well as
• automatic data-storage.

WebTSDB has been used throughout the Institute since June 2010. The aim of this contribution is to present the advantages, functions and possibilities of this software.
Hausner E1, Ebrahim S1, Herrmann-Frank A1, Janzen T1, Kerekes MF1, Pischedda M1, Waffenschmidt S1, Kaiser T1
1 IQWiG, Germany
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Presenting author: 
Elke Hausner
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Elke Hausner (Contact this person)
Date and Location
Oral session B2O1
Friday 21 October 2011 - 11:15 - 11:35