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Welcome to 19th Cochrane Colloquium


Dear friends and colleagues,

In 2003 we had the privilege of organising the XI Cochrane Colloquium in Barcelona: the good memories that all of us keep from that event , and our interest in sharing them with you all, particularly with our foreign visitors, and the convenience and attractions of Madrid have led us to take on the challenge again for this year’s Colloquium.

The theme of the 19th Cochrane Colloquium is 'Scientific evidence for healthcare quality and patient safety'. This provides a good opportunity to celebrate the Colloquium in conjunction with the VI International Conference on Patient Safety, organised by the National Agency for Health Care Quality at the Spanish Ministry of Health. We think it is time for the Collaboration to reflect on and analyse its possible contributions to the improvement of the quality of care and safety of patients. These are now very real priorities for the World Health Organization, governments, healthcare institutions and professionals all over the world.

In addition to the issues more directly related to health quality and patient safety, there will be many opportunities to learn together and to discuss a large variety of methodological issues and topics of great interest, directed to the usual participants as well as to newcomers.

Networking is another main characteristic of Colloquia. In this case, besides the aforementioned Safety Conference, LatinCLEN (the Latin American branch of INCLEN-International Clinical Epidemiology Network) and RED Iberoamericana-GPC will also converge at this event by celebrating their periodic meetings.

Finally, the city itself! Madrid offers many options for enjoying its culture, music and food - life in all of its expressions! Don't miss this opportunity and you will be happy with your decision. For an example, click here.

See you in Madrid in October!

Xavier Bonfill

Xavier Bonfill
Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre and Network